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    Programmatic Media allows you to advertise online, on TV, in urban spaces, inside games, as well as YouTube. You are able to create an omnichannel strategy to work the entire customer journey in different channels, optimizing all brand communication in order to follow an efficient storytelling and managing reach and frequency impact under a single user. Access different inventories and group them under the same metrics, upload external data, pixels or CRM and much more! Programmatic Media is, by far, the most versatile and complete media out there when it comes to reaching new users and spreading your brand’s message across.

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    Formats and complementary services that potentialize your programmatic media campaigns:

    This is programmatic media’s oldest format although the term ‘display’ is often used to refer to any online ad. In the context of programmatic ads, they are nothing but those that appear on headers, footers or sidebars
    Available in several websites, video formats maximize brand awareness and ad engagement. Thus, making sure the message sticks in the consumer’s mind.

    Choose a format:

    Impact users in order to tell your brand’s story and attain results for video, sound and interaction in a high quality environment.
    Impact users in order to tell your brand’s story and attain results for video, sound and interaction in a high quality environment.

    • Bus stops;
    • Supermarkets;
    • Airports;
    • Shopping Malls;
    • Lottery Houses;
    • Gyms;
    • Labs;
    • Clinics;
    • Train stops and subways;
    • Large avenues;
    • Residential and commercial buildings.
    Attract your audience’s attention with formats that are impossible to ignore.

    High Impact Ads are programmatic formats that have positioning and access to exclusive inventories that draw a lot of user’s attention. These formats also promise higher interaction rates.
    Generate more traffic and engagement with Native ads.

    Present in portals, social media and apps, the Native Ad was born as a proposal to be more of a content ad. Capable of attracting a target’s attention through promoted content without seeming like an intrusive advertising.

    Choose a format:

    Attract and engage more clients through Youtube.

    Create attractive, fun and interesting video campaigns and appear in the largest content search engine in the world.

    Choose a format:

    Impact your target through ads on mobile, android and IOS devices and enjoy the small moments to advertise your message.

    Leisure time is also a great opportunity to present a new product or service. With In-Game formats one manages to impact the public in an organic and non-intrusive manner and ensure real engagement when they are most focused on their cell phone or tablet screen.
    The ideal format to explore Endomarketing, CRM, Promotions, Fidelity and Incentive Programs, Conversion and Retention Actions, Communications in general.

    Choose a format:

    Customer Data Platforms enrich your Opt-in database, draw user profiles based on platform settings and obtain a detailed view of the public.

    Data Management Platforms analyze user navigation patterns, create personalized audiences for Remarketing and Lookalikes and, with DMP technology, allows one to strategize, discover new channels and improve personas.
    With TV Sync, you can synchronize online and offline campaigns and enhance the impact of your brand through artificial intelligence that: monitors, recognizes and analyzes TV and radio commercials in real-time, as well as identify relevant sporting event moments, climate change, traffic conditions and financial market variations.
    With Dynamic Creative Optimization you can optimize production costs, personalize media communication and perfect your campaigns through personalized art. All generating greater results and increase in ROI.
    Brand Lift allows you to measure efficiency and bran market penetration through a media campaign in addition to valuable insights about any advertising effort on metrics such as: consideration, brand interest, brand awareness, recall and favorability.
    Need a delivery audit? With Ad Servers we commit to the quality of your campaigns! In partnership with Sizmek, we audit metrics such as clicks, impressions, viewability and others.
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