CJ Fashion is the marketplace for Shopping Cidade Jardim, a high-end shopping mall located in São Paulo, Brazil.

Due to the pandemic and the freezing in sales for physical establishments, many brands set out to create their own e-commerce in order to overcome the income drop.

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The mission

Our goal was to increase the number of visitors and e-commerce sales.

The solution

Through strategies involving Programmatic Display, Video and Youtube Ad campaigns, we ran institutional and seasonal communications throughout all of 2022, always focusing on generating quantity and quality traffic. To enhance the assertiveness of our actions, we used a DMP technology capable of collecting information about behavior and interests of users who accessed the website, thus transforming them into a programmatic audience.

These audience studies, combined with traffic data, allowed for strategic adjustments that lead to the discovery of new activation markets that the brand had not yet explored.

We generated more than 63,000 new hits, influencing direct and assisted conversions, and increased the average Display CTR from 0.24% to 0.39%.

Between 2021 and 2022, we increased the number of total users by 113% and increased by 298% those who added to the cart.


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