Programmatic media has revolutionized the advertising market by offering an automated way of buying digital advertising spaces. Thus, transforming the ways companies communicate with their consumers..

We fully understand media demands, which, paired with our DNA – focus, serve, collaborate and revolutionize, walk hand-in-hand with our mission statement that we strive to reach each day: become the largest Digital and Programmatic Media operation in all of brail and LATAM.

In addition, we also work within the Technology and Education field. With ADSPLAY X, our self-service SME-focused platform for buying digital and programmatic media. For Education, we founded a free online school that offers courses about programmatic media, performance, digital analytics and more.

Through our pillar – Media, Data, Technology and Education, ADSPLAY focuses on revolutionizing the way people and brands meet, connect and fall in love.

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Our Purpose

We revolutionize the way people and brands meet, connect and fall in love.

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Fall in love



Our Values


We are driven by our purpose and aim to revolutionize. We are not easily conformed with an ok delivery. Our goal is to always reach the best version of what we do.We believe that for every problem, lies and opportunity.


Serve well, to serve always. Our clients are the reason we exist. Each company is treated equally, with respect and attention as we always aim to deliver our best and provide a surprising and captivating experience.


We are driven by results (be it our own or be it a client). We tirelessly aim for and celebrate each goal reach. By communicating our challenges in a clear and objective way, we know when and how to demand results as well as recognize merit..


Our team works very hard, always with good humor and cordiality to cultivate a light work environment. We support, learn and teach each other how to be a part of our team. Here at ADSPLAY we understand that we are a part of a group and that there is no room for those who work alone, self-centered or without ties with the rest of your teammates. The mutual collaboration and trust is how our team wins together.

Nossos valores

our partners

Bruno Campos de Oliveira Linkedin do(a): Bruno Campos de Oliveira

Bruno Campos de Oliveira

CMO at ADSPLAY. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing by EACH-USP, Bruno specialized in the digital universe with courses in the Silicon Valley (USA). Bruno also accomplished the XBA, Xponential Business Administration, by StartSe University 9USA) and Nova SBE (Portugal). He has worked for 10 years with digital marketing, performance media and e-commerce thus having the opportunity to work for great companies in Brazil and abroad. As an entrepreneur, he has also founded startups such as Preço do Litrão, a beverage app with several users, Manggi, a food tech focused on delivering healthy frozen food. Currently, Bruno is a professor at EBAC (Escola Britânica de Artes Criativas) and Insper.

Edu Sani Linkedin do(a): Edu Sani

Edu Sani

CEO at ADSPLAY. Today, Edu is one of the biggest Programmatic Media specialists in Brazil, with over 18 years of experience in Digital Marketing and Online Media. He has already lectured several large events and created the first podcast and YouTube channel focused on Programmatic Media content, posted constantly and for free. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising by FAM and Graduate degree in Marketing by FAAP, Edu has already worked for many big players before diving in the digital marketing market. As a media professional, he has already been nominated for professional of the year by famous associations. Edu is a serial entrepreneur, having already started 7 companies, such as Uselink, Nightmap, Vuvuzela do Brasil. All focused on honing opportunities and filling market gaps.

Roberto Goichman Linkedin do(a): Roberto Goichman

Roberto Goichman

CFO at ADSPLAY. Roberto has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration by PUC, and Graduate’s Degree by FGV. With 35 years of experience in marketing, Roberto participated in the launching of innovative products for companies such as Sharp, JVC, Gradiente and Microsoft, where he acted as Corporate Marketing Director. Has also acted as Vice-President of Strawberry Frog, an international advertising agency dedicated towards Marketing for Cultural Movements. In 2012, Roberto started his journey as an entrepreneur by founding CTRL365, a digital marketing company that bred ADSPLAY. He has a vast knowledge in business management and the viability of multinational subsidiaries in Brazil.


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